Student/Graduate Career Opportunities at MSD Latin America

Student/Graduate Career Opportunities at MSD Latin America

A thriving career. A healthy world.

MSD is a leader in health care. Joining MSD is to enter a world of opportunities.

In 2009 MSD and Schering merged to create a new type of health care company, which is known as MSD in the United States and Canada and as MSD in the rest of the world. Today, MSD is an innovative pharmaceutical company and a global leader committed to make people around the world be well. With a robust pipeline, diversity of products in a wide range of businesses and a global expanded scope, we drive MSD through a new age of health care.

In emerging markets, such Latin America, MSD is committed to invest since they represent important opportunities to address major uncovered medical needs.

Our strategy includes:

  • Expand access to health care with affordable high quality products.
  • Complement our portfolio of medicines and vaccines with branded generics.
  • Build a network of low cost manufacturing for pharmaceuticals, biologics and vaccines.
  • Invest in clinical research in emerging markets to address needs that have not yet been covered and to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Commitment to promote constructive dialogue on policies and practices with physicians, health care organizations, pharmaceuticals and government.

With over 75 years in Latin America, MSD has presence in more than 30 countries and operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama and Central America, Peru, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean and Venezuela.

Career opportunities exist in all our business units: Cardiology, Oncology, Diabetes, Obesity, Matured brands, Vaccines, Biologics, Neurosciences, Ophthalmology, Endocrinology, Women Health, Infectious Diseases, Respiratory, Immunology, Dermatology and in all the support functions as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and others.

Explore our opportunities now and post your resume.

Job Title Location Job Function Job Req ID
Produktionsplaner (m/f) Job
Friesoythe, NI, DE 21-jun-2018 0.00 km Materials Planning/Scheduling MAT000566-en_US NI Friesoythe-Produktionsplaner-%28mw%29-Job-NI
Friesoythe, NI, DE Materials Planning/Scheduling MAT000566-en_US
Laborant Qualitätskontrolle (m/w) Job
Burgwedel, NI, DE 26-jun-2018 0.00 km Quality Lab Related QUA007597-en_US NI Burgwedel-Laborant-Qualit%C3%A4tskontrolle-%28mw%29-Job-NI
Burgwedel, NI, DE Quality Lab Related QUA007597-en_US
Elektroniker (m/w) Job
Friesoythe, NI, DE 29-jun-2018 0.00 km Automation and Maintenance AUT000158-en_US NI Friesoythe-Elektroniker-%28mw%29-Job-NI
Friesoythe, NI, DE Automation and Maintenance AUT000158-en_US
EHS Beauftragter (f/m) Job
Burgwedel, NI, DE 29-jun-2018 0.00 km Env, Health & Safety Generic ENV000543-en_US NI Burgwedel-EHS-Beauftragter-%28fm%29-Job-NI
Burgwedel, NI, DE Env, Health & Safety Generic ENV000543-en_US
Order to Cash (OtC) Analyst-Cash app Job
Costa Rica, CR 30-jun-2018 0.00 km Shared Services SHA001547-en_US Costa-Rica-Order-to-Cash-%28OtC%29-Analyst-Cash-app-Job
Costa Rica, CR Shared Services SHA001547-en_US
Data Management Center Manager Job
San José, CR 03-jul-2018 0.00 km Clinical Data Management CLI007616-en_US San-Jos%C3%A9-Data-Management-Center-Manager-Job
San José, CR Clinical Data Management CLI007616-en_US
Anlagenmechaniker (m/f) Job
Burgwedel, NI, DE 03-jul-2018 0.00 km Equip. Maintenance Tech. Spec. EQU000430-en_US NI Burgwedel-Anlagenmechaniker-%28mf%29-Job-NI
Burgwedel, NI, DE Equip. Maintenance Tech. Spec. EQU000430-en_US
Betriebselektriker (m/f) Job
Burgwedel, NI, DE 03-jul-2018 0.00 km Equip. Maintenance Tech. Spec. EQU000431-en_US NI Burgwedel-Betriebselektriker-%28mf%29-Job-NI
Burgwedel, NI, DE Equip. Maintenance Tech. Spec. EQU000431-en_US
Automatisierungstechniker / Elektroniker (m/f) Job
Burgwedel, NI, DE 03-jul-2018 0.00 km Equip. Maintenance Tech. Spec. EQU000429-en_US NI Burgwedel-Automatisierungstechniker-Elektroniker-%28mf%29-Job-NI
Burgwedel, NI, DE Equip. Maintenance Tech. Spec. EQU000429-en_US
OTC- Credit And Collections Analyst Job
San José, CR 04-jul-2018 0.00 km Shared Services SHA001558-en_US San-Jos%C3%A9-OTC-Credit-Monitoring-Analyst-Job
San José, CR Shared Services SHA001558-en_US
HQ Operations Lead, Clinical Data Management Job
Buenos Aires, AR 05-jul-2018 0.00 km Clinical Data Management CLI007636-en_US 1st Buenos-Aires-HQ-Operations-Lead%2C-Clinical-Data-Management-Job
Buenos Aires, AR Clinical Data Management CLI007636-en_US
Lagermitarbeiter (m/f) Job
Friesoythe, NI, DE 05-jul-2018 0.00 km Warehousing WAR000618-en_US NI Friesoythe-Lagermitarbeiter-%28mf%29-Job-NI
Friesoythe, NI, DE Warehousing WAR000618-en_US
Senior Specialist, Quality Systems (m/f) Job
Friesoythe, NI, DE 05-jul-2018 0.00 km Regulatory Compliance REG003602-en_US NI Friesoythe-Senior-Specialist%2C-Quality-Systems-Job-NI
Friesoythe, NI, DE Regulatory Compliance REG003602-en_US
Regulatory Affairs Specialist Job
Vicente López, AR 05-jul-2018 0.00 km Regulatory Affairs Generic REG003772-en_US Vicente-L%C3%B3pez-Regulatory-Affairs-Specialist-Job
Vicente López, AR Regulatory Affairs Generic REG003772-en_US
Produktionshelfer (m/f) Job
Friesoythe, NI, DE 06-jul-2018 0.00 km Production / Operator PRO017352-en_US NI Friesoythe-Produktionshelfer-%28mw%29-Job-NI
Friesoythe, NI, DE Production / Operator PRO017352-en_US
Spezialist Abweichungsmanagement Produktion (m/w) Job
Burgwedel, NI, DE 08-jul-2018 0.00 km Manuf./Operations Generic MAN005226-en_US NI Burgwedel-Spezialist-Abweichungsmanagement-Produktion-%28mw%29-Job-NI
Burgwedel, NI, DE Manuf./Operations Generic MAN005226-en_US
Collections Analyst (Portuguese & English) -Temporary Job
San José, CR 10-jul-2018 0.00 km Acctg, Credit&Collect Generic ACC004909-en_US San-Jos%C3%A9-Collections-Analyst-%28Portuguese-&-English%29-Temporary-Job
San José, CR Acctg, Credit&Collect Generic ACC004909-en_US
Director, Pharmaceutical Technology & Support (PTS) (m/f) Job
Friesoythe, NI, DE 10-jul-2018 0.00 km Engineering Project Management ENG004022-en_US NI Friesoythe-Director%2C-PTS-Lead-Our-Manufacturing-Division-Animal-Health-%28mf%29-Job-NI
Friesoythe, NI, DE Engineering Project Management ENG004022-en_US
Head of Microbiological Quality Control (m/f) Job
Friesoythe, NI, DE 11-jul-2018 0.00 km Manuf./Operations Generic MAN005478-en_US NI Friesoythe-Head-of-Microbiological-Quality-Control-%28mf%29-Job-NI
Friesoythe, NI, DE Manuf./Operations Generic MAN005478-en_US
Assoc Director, Procurement (m/f) Job
Burgwedel, NI, DE 11-jul-2018 0.00 km Procurement Generic PRO017497-en_US NI Burgwedel-Assoc-Director%2C-Procurement-%28mf%29-Job-NI
Burgwedel, NI, DE Procurement Generic PRO017497-en_US
Technician, Operations Job
Salamanca, CL, ES 12-jul-2018 0.00 km Manuf./Operations Generic MAN005493-en_US CL Salamanca-Technician%2C-Operations-Job-CL
Salamanca, CL, ES Manuf./Operations Generic MAN005493-en_US
Administrative Assistant – Business Support Job
Bogotá, CO 13-jul-2018 0.00 km Clinical Research Generic CLI007654-en_US Bogot%C3%A1-Administrative-Assistant-Business-Support-Job
Bogotá, CO Clinical Research Generic CLI007654-en_US
Coordenador de Assisténcia Técnica Pleno (Suinocultura) - Toledo-Paraná Job
Curitiba, BR 13-jul-2018 0.00 km Direct Sales Generic MAH DIR024028- Curitiba-Coordenador-de-Assist%C3%A9ncia-T%C3%A9cnica-Pleno-%28Suinocultura%29-Toledo-Paran%C3%A1-Job
Curitiba, BR Direct Sales Generic MAH DIR024028-
Associate Director, Quality Assurance Pharmacovigilance Job
Buenos Aires, AR 13-jul-2018 0.00 km Quality Assurance QUA007738-en_US Buenos-Aires-Associate-Director%2C-Quality-Assurance-Pharmacovigilance-Job
Buenos Aires, AR Quality Assurance QUA007738-en_US
Supplier Development Engineer Job
Burgwedel, NI, DE 13-jul-2018 0.00 km Supplier Dev & Perf Mgmt SUP001366-en_US NI Burgwedel-Supplier-Development-Engineer-Job-NI
Burgwedel, NI, DE Supplier Dev & Perf Mgmt SUP001366-en_US