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Biostatistics & Research
Decision Sciences

Using quantitative science to impact human health

BARDS (Biostatistics and Research Decision Sciences) is a highly distinguished department within MSD’s renowned research and development division.  As esteemed members of world-class drug and vaccine development teams, we partner with other disciplines in the strategic design of our discovery and development programs and provide statistical analysis, reporting and data interpretation to enable informed decision-making. Our aspiration is to be the leader in quantitative scientific methodology and its application to enable the targeting, discovery, development, manufacturing, and marketing of innovative products for the benefit of global human health. 
Yes, we’re scientists. But we’re also communicators, problem solvers and discoverers. Our team shares different perspectives to help make our ideas a reality
and discover new ways to save and improve lives. It’s all about working together to make a difference. Find out how.

Meet the talent

Could you turn high-quality statistical data into crucial insights and knowledge for our company? It's a hugely exciting area of growth, harnessing big data's power to create life-changing medical trials and products. Meet Harris, whose analytical talents have earned him the role of Director of Statistical Programming in our BARDS unit within the Quantitative Science team. He's also a talented basketball player and has been playing it passionately since he was six. If you like what you're hearing, browse our open job roles at the bottom of the page.

Areas of collaboration and expertise for statisticians and statistical programmers

Employees in biostatistics and statistical programming
American Statistical Association Fellows
3 Regions across the globe
1 Highly rewarding, highly impactful career
Years of excellence

MSD was the first company in the pharmaceutical industry to have a dedicated statistics department
Areas of collaboration and expertise:
  • Drug discovery
  • Translational medicine and biomarkers
  • Clinical pharmacology
  • Clinical development (products in oncology, vaccines, neuroscience, diabetes, cardiovascular health, infectious diseases, respiratory health, and immunology)
  • Safety monitoring
  • Health technology assessment
  • Manufacturing
  • Analysis and reporting standards
  • Data standards
  • Information technology
  • Health economics
  • Epidemiology

How can “I” contribute to MSD?

  • Conduct research on statistical methodology
  • Apply statistical excellence daily in the development of innovative medicines and vaccines
  • Develop cutting-edge programming solutions to​​​​​​​ expedite analysis work and speed patient access to new medicines
  • Directly contribute to the development of life-saving and health preserving medicines and vaccines
  • Demonstrate leadership within your field and on cross-disciplinary teams
  • Let our rich history, world-class scientists and future plans inspire you
  • Inspire others with your energy, creativity, teamwork and dedication
  • With top scientists, regulators, and payers worldwide
  • The roles of precision medicine, real-world evidence, machine learning and programming automation in drug development
  • Statistical expertise with scientific advances, operational excellence and exceptional medical knowledge
Everyone in our Biostatistics and Research Decision Sciences team is passionate about wanting to improve global human health, and that passion is on display every day through our teamwork and innovation.
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Devan Mehrotra
VP Early Development Statistics, BARDS
This field of clinical statistical assessment in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is rapidly growing and expanding in methodological complexity and geographic scale, so it’s exciting to be at the technical and managerial forefront of an area that is all about trying to improve public health.
Lara Wolfson
Executive Director Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Statistics, BARDS
With our strong focus on methodological research, our Biostatistics and Research Decision Sciences team will continue to play a crucial role in our Research Labs decision making far into the future.
Ray Bain
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