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Using quantitative science to impact human health

BARDS is a critical partner in accelerating end-to-end product research, development, regulatory approval and patient access implementation by collaborating with other scientists to help deliver medicines and vaccines that can change the world. Our work is vital to advancing a diverse pipeline which includes vaccines and products for oncology, infectious diseases, cardio-metabolic disorders and more.  

Inside views from people on our team​​​​​​​

Working in BARDS has not only been professionally rewarding but also deeply fulfilling on a personal level. Witnessing the impact of our work on the lives of patients has reinforced my belief in the importance of our mission..
Fang Liu
I came to our company and stay here due to the excellent technical background and collaborative spirit of those in BARDS and elsewhere. 
Keaven Anderson
Real-world data continues to gain importance in the support of clinical development and market access. The integration of epidemiology into BARDS provides fertile ground for the development of innovative designs and high-quality real-world evidence to support the best use of our company's products by patients and health care practitioners. 
Ann Houseman
Andres Gomez-Caminero
A great work-life balance, fair and rich development opportunities, and a strong pipeline make our company one of the best places to work. I especially value the scientific focus and diversity within BARDS. It's a pleasure to work in such a professional and dedicated community!
Lidia Mukina
BARDS promotes methodologically rigorous, transparent, and multidisciplinary research. In health economics and health technology assessment, we focus on the design of high-quality economic models and related analytic techniques to improve health care decision making. Methodological approaches are enriched with exposure to real-world problems, collaboration, presentations at external scientific meetings, and publications in leading scientific journals.
Elamin Elbasha
Health Economics
In BARDS, all employees, including early-career talent, leverage the department’s deep historical expertise in areas like clinical development, clinical trial analysis and reporting, clinical trial design, target validation, and statistical modeling to inform data-driven, quantitative decision making.  BARDS harnesses advances in digital and data sciences to develop fit-for-purpose, innovative solutions to accelerate the delivery of life-changing medicines and vaccines for patients around the world. In BARDS, you’re at the heart of the company’s research and development efforts and work in an environment that fosters employee growth and development.  
Dickson Wanjau
Statistical Programming
At the end of each day, I have that feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment. We have all contributed to our line of scientific work, so that patients around the world have access to our medicines and vaccines. 
Harris Kampouris
Statistical Programming
One of the main reasons I enjoy working in BARDS is the fantastic team environment. The collaboration among my colleagues creates a supportive and positive atmosphere, which fosters engagement and innovation.  
Yulia Eliozova Sidi

Well-being: nurturing a supportive environment

In BARDS, we value the well-being of our employees and understand its fundamental importance in maintaining a motivated, engaged, and productive workforce. Our department’s culture is centered around creating an atmosphere where employees feel valued, supported, appreciated, and motivated to excel. 
Passionate people in our Oncology Sales.& Marketing Team

Great teams + projects

We're passionate about collaboration, innovation and scientific excellence. BARDS uniquely provides support across the entire product development cycle. We engage with key stakeholders in areas such as:
  • Strategic planning
  • Study/program/experiment design and execution
  • Scientific exploration
  • Modeling and data analysis, synthesis, interpretation & reporting
  • Identification and development of methodology, tools and processes for efficiencies

Diversity: embracing different perspectives 

Diversity is at the forefront of our values and is critical to driving innovation, fostering creativity, and enhancing problem-solving capabilities within our organisation. In BARDS, we recognise that diverse perspectives can greatly enrich our work and enable us to make significant advancements in research and development. We are committed to creating an inclusive and equitable environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique insights and expertise. In addition, our company actively promotes diversity and inclusion through initiatives such as employee resource groups, unconscious bias training, and recruitment strategies that enhance our ability to attract talent with diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

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