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We live in a time where cardiopulmonary disease is a leading global health challenge with more than 35 million people losing their lives to it over the past few years. With an impressive 60-year legacy of cardiovascular innovation, our hearts and minds are focused on solving the greatest remaining unmet needs for patients and pursuing cures and therapies for those who need them most.
​​​​​​​It’s a career with the most heartfelt purpose - won't you join us?

Cardiovascular leaders who are making a real difference

Dean Y. Li, cardiologist and president of Research Laboratories (MRL), discusses the state of fighting cardiovascular disease and our efforts that will push us to new heights to help patients improve their quality of cardiovascular and respiratory health.

“We've created a broad, promising pipeline to build on our legacy, and are deploying our unique expertise to advance innovations to people who need them.”

Dean Y. Li, cardiologist

Opportunity to improve lives through breakthrough medicine

As science continues to advance, there are new opportunities to address the unmet needs of patients battling diseases like heart failure, PAH, thrombosis, and atherosclerosis. Are you passionate about helping people improve their cardio and respiratory health? This could be a great career opportunity for you to help improve patients’ lives on a large scale.

Growth into the next decade

We work with experts across the cardiovascular community to advance research that can help improve the lives of patients with cardiovascular risk. We’ll continue to build on our history of innovative cardiovascular & respiratory disease therapies to increase our understanding and help patients around the world. Here’s what we’re doing to help fight the cardiovascular & respiratory disease epidemic:
Recent growth
2021 growth in our broad, late-stage cardiovascular pipeline. With many internal advancements and vigorous business development, exceptional career opportunities may be ahead.
Promising future
Anticipated mid-2030 revenue generated by our cardiovascular and pulmonary portfolio.

Making a heartfelt difference

Join our efforts toward cardiovascular and respiratory success.

Our R&D efforts

We’re determined to build upon our fundamental research strengths to deliver innovation to patients and physicians worldwide, expand our legacy of invention every day, and provide biomedical leadership in pharmaceutical R&D to address unmet needs and the best external science. Our therapeutic areas of focus are defined by our strongest scientific discoveries and our dedication to advance the most promising product opportunities.
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Our commercial efforts

Our commercial organization is driven by the impact they can make in offering hope to patients. Our teams in sales, marketing, market access, and business development work tirelessly to convert innovative science into deliverable offerings that support patients, payers, and physician’s needs. We take a customer-centric approach leveraging emerging digital technologies and data analysis to better understand our patients needs and to improve patients’ access to our medicines.

How we’re making the most difference

Our biggest, most effective differentiator: the strong, cohesive bond between our R&D and commercial teams that allows us to continue to fight the cardiovascular disease epidemic with everything we’ve got. Join a collaborative and innovative team of Cardiovascular & Respiratory Research & Development (MRL) and Human Health (HH) professionals in truly transformational medical science.
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