A global deployment of science and care

For more than a century we have been addressing a global need for vaccines. Together with legacy companies, we research, develop, manufacture, and distribute vaccines for people of all ages and cultures. Our professionals are dedicated to driving and supporting programs that are consistently aiming to innovate in the field, fueled by a relentless passion to invent for life.

Development & manufacturing

With state-of-the-art facilities, top talent, and a legacy of successes, we are a powerful force helping prevent disease around the world.

Boxmeer - Wim de Körverstraat 35

Research and development
At the Biosciences Center Boxmeer in the Netherlands, research is being conducted into new medicines for animals. These medicines are also being further developed into a medicine that can be prescribed by veterinarians. One of the objectives of the Biosciences Center is to increase the production capacity of veterinary vaccines and at the same time to continue to meet the strictest quality and environmental requirements. 

Boxmeer is also working on the production of vaccines and medicines for animals. Among other things, we produce vaccines to prevent bacterial, parasitic and viral infections in both companion animals and farm animals.

De Bilt - Ambachtstraat 4

This site in the Netherlands spcializes in the production of antigens and vaccines. These antigens go to Boxmeer and other sites as semi-finished products for further processing. The site specializes in, among other things, vaccines for poultry.

Get to know our sites in the Netherlands and where we are hiring 

Boxmeer • Ambachtstraat • Haarlam • Oss
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A collaboration of diverse talents on a mission

Research & Development

Our purpose is built on the simple premise that great medicines can change the world. And we believe that a research-driven enterprise dedicated to world-class science can succeed by inventing medicine and vaccine innovations that make a difference for patients. Our scientists are recognized as leaders in their fields. We're proud of our passion and our scientific excellence. We will make the most of your skills and expertise and will support you through the journey of growth, collaboration, learning, and achievement. It's who we are. It's what we're all about. It's why we're here.

Key areas of focus:

  • Candidate discovery 
  • Preclinical development
  • Clinical evelopment
  • Medical and scientific affairs
  • Regulatory review and ongoing monitoring
  • Drug safety

Manufacturing & Supply

When you think "pharmaceutical," you may picture scientists in labs creating or researchers doing clinical studies. Those scientists and researchers are an important part of the effort, but there's much more to the story. Medication, after all, needs to get safely to doctors and patients. We have dedicated teams all over the country, making breakthrough inventions a reality through manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. As part of this team, you'll be inspired by a supportive culture, encouraging your ideas and empowering you with the best collaborators and resources possible. Here, you can serve the world through innovation and extensive volunteering opportunities, making it a place where your whole self can be fulfilled.​​​​​​​

Key areas of focus:

  • Process development/commercialization 
  • Vaccine analytics
  • Technical operations
  • Site operations
  • Quality

Hear from our employees who Invent for Life every day

When new diseases emerge, we try to find new products as quickly as possible. And we manage to bring them to the market in a very short timeline. I’m really proud of that.
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Niels de Haas
Director Operations BTS
We are constantly trying to be innovative and challenge ourselves to become the best animal health company in the world.
Maurice Schaekens
Associate Director, Operations, Improvement Lead
Working as a veterinary pathologist at MSD Animal Health in R&D as part of a diverse team of dedicated scientists and supporting professionals means getting the opportunity to gain in depth knowledge about the most important infectious diseases that threaten lives and wellbeing of livestock as well as companion animals.
Mieke Vrijenhoek
Associate Director, Pathology

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