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Our Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups that aim to foster a diverse, inclusive work environment by supporting career development while providing culturally relevant insights that drive success. These groups and the people in them will provide a warm welcome to you.

Next Gen Network

Next Gen Network accelerated the development of my leadership skills, my ability to set and execute on a strategy, and support diversity and inclusion initiatives company-wide.  All of these skills have helped me accelerate my career and contribute at a higher-level in my job.
Braden Gourley
Associate Director, Operations Global Co-Lead,
​​​​​​​Next Gen Network EBRG

Asia Pacific Association

I have worked in five different sites and six different roles, the Asia Pacific Association has been a pillar of motivation and inspiration throughout to keep me actively engaged in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts of the company. The network and learnings that I have developed over time with Asia Pacific Association will continue to help me in my career. 
Richard Huang 
Associate Director,
​​​​​​​Supply Chain Management

capABILITY Network

The capABILITY Network has been my opportunity to help the organization see beyond the traditional worker and expand into those who think differently, work differently, and/or appear differently. In many ways, they will achieve more and do more because they have had to consider a different way to get to the same place as others. 
Marquitha K. Gilbert
Associate Director,
​​​​​​​Sales GHH

Asia Pacific Association

When I joined Asia Pacific Association, I felt a sense of belonging right away. Asia Pacific Association helped me grow as a leader outside my technical functional role. As a Asia Pacific Association mentoring program lead and now as the Global Co-lead, I feel empowered to speak up , drive organisational change and create an inclusive company culture.
Radhika Balasubramani
Director, Technical Product Leader 

Interfaith Organisation

Interfaith Organisation provides opportunities to learn and engage in various faith traditions and philosophies that support our company, communities and world surrounding us.
Chhaya Sanathara
Senior Specialist,
Supplier Quality Management 

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