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What spiked your interest to come back to MSD?
“During my professional career, I never met a team with such a commitment to change the perspective of cancer patients. It was such an outstanding team effort that the team grew together closely. My experience in the team was so intensive, fierce, and dynamic that the ties never tore and brought me back to the team. A critical factor for my decision was that MSD now enables me to work remotely and not move to Munich. This is a great advantage and allows both to spend time for work and family.”


How do you feel now you are back, do you feel welcomed? How was the support from your family discussing your return?
“Now as Medical Advisor, I am very happy to be part of this amazing team in mission of cancer treatment. I already initiated many new projects based on my learnings externally. When I returned, I received such an incredibly nice welcome and my family completely supported my return, since they knew MSD.”

Engin Gürlevik
Medical Advisor, MSD Germany
What did you learn externally that you bring back to MSD?
“In the years that I was away from MSD I developed my technical skills within the field of regulatory affairs. I learned to use a strategic vision and channel each of the decisions with a focus on business and patient health. During this time, I also acquired knowledge in the area of quality and processes such as obtaining permits, recognition processes for certificates of good foreign manufacturing practices, and government system management.”

What did you miss most?
“What I missed the most in those years was the human warmth and teamwork that is maintained within MSD. In addition, MSD is a company that cares about the personal and professional development of each of its members.”

Nataly Quezada 
Regulatory Affairs Specialist, MSD Ecuador

What spiked your interest to come back to MSD?
“There are two reasons what spiked my interest to come back to MSD:

The People
I find myself thinking that I must be very lucky since our amazing medical leadership team provided me with the opportunity to rejoin MSD. I am glad I am surrounded by so many people who truly care about others and performing their jobs with the highest integrity. MSD Taiwan is full of great memories, personal growth, achievements, and great lessons learned. 

A New Challenge
I currently oversee and support an important medicine that requires our medical team to quickly respond to the policy that may change from day to day. This quite new, quick moving and unpredictable field makes me excited and gives me the ability to learn a lot.”

Kelly Chen

Medical Advisor, MSD Taiwan
Kelly Chen

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To stay connected, we plan to host several Alumni events in 2023. Events will be hosted both virtually and in person. We will look forward to reconnecting soon.

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Returning to our MSD family

I really appreciate to opportunity to re-join MSD and explore new areas. It enables me to make not only vertical but also horizontal step to develop my career
Ada Lee
External Affairs Director
MSD Hong Kong
My family were supportive of my return as they know I will be in good hands given that I have worked with my current colleagues.
Toh Her Shuang
Lead PAT Specialist
MSD Singapore
At MSD we see one-ness of objectives and actions across cross-functional teams. Once acronym which describes MSD better is "TEAM- means Together Everyone Achieves More".
Arpan Shah
Arpan Shah
Sr. Manager Marketing
MSD India
I personally like the company culture in MSD because that is what attracts me at the first place, secondly it is the people here that makes me feel welcomed and easy to work with, which brings me back to MSD even in a different country.
Tina Huang
Tina Huang
Administration Assistant (PA to GM)
MSD New Zealand
Looking back, I would push myself more to continue growing in the organization and to seek mentorship across the company to facilitate my professional career.
Viviana Salas
Viviana Salas
Chief of staff & Associate Director Marketing – Oncology
MSD Costa Rica

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