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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions and answers about application and career with MSD. 

The recruitment process


What happens to my application?
After reviewing and checking your documents, we will contact you in writing or by phone. With basic suitability we keep - with your consent - your application for a possible future vacancy in evidence.

How is the recruitment procedure?
There are usually two to three rounds of job interviews. In the first round, you will usually be interviewed by one of our recruitment consultants or a Human Resources employee and hiring manager / manager. As a result, there may still be discussions with the respective department director, a member of the team and our managing director.

Do I need a university degree?

Not necessarily - the previous knowledge depends on the position.

Are there part-time positions in MSD?
Depending on the nature and requirements of the job, part-time work is generally possible with MSD. Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, NJ, USA has a very modern policy of working time around the world - flexibilisation, which also includes part-time work.

To what extent are the occupational fields at MSD internationally oriented?
Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, NJ, USA coordinates various international exchange programs for employees interested in working in one of the offices. A direct entry into these programs is not possible, but only in the context of targeted personnel development measures for employees already working for several years.

Other questions

How are newly hired employees trained?
For each new employee, an individual training plan will be prepared by the MSD Education Center. The intensity and duration depends on the respective previous knowledge.

Do I need a car?
If you work for MSD in the field, we provide you with a company car in accordance with our Car Policy.

Is there a parking lot near the office building?
Yes, a parking garage is available.

Does MSD offer internships or vacation jobs?
No, this possibility does not exist.

Does MSD offer jobs in research?
MSD Austria does not do basic research. MSD Austria is exclusively active in clinical research.

Is there a maximum age for applications?
No, applicants of all ages are welcome. For MSD include professional qualifications and personal qualities.

Can I apply via MSD Austria for an internship with the American parent company Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, NJ, USA?
Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, NJ, USA receives several hundred internship requests from all over the world each day. However, there are only about 60 international internships available for those who are interested in working in the US and have to be suitable for it. Therefore, we can not give you much hope in this regard.

Does MSD Austria have its own production facility?
The branch for human medicine - Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) GesmbH - has no production in Austria. MSD Austria is primarily a sales organization that has numerous business areas - but not production.
However, the branch for veterinary medicine - company Intervet GesmbH / MSD Animal Health - has a factory for the production of veterinary medicines in 1210 Vienna. More details can be found at​​​​​​​

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