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Clinical Research

A patient-first focus and the freedom to chase something big

Our Clinical Research area is filled with passionate, purpose-driven professionals dedicated to our purpose of saving and improving lives. As our strategic focus has shifted to being the world’s premier research-intensive biopharmaceutical company going after the world’s greatest health challenges, so has our investment in technology, research, and people. So while we have grown quickly to bring this purpose to life, we have room for more ambitious, inventive minds. But why consider us for your career? Keep reading! 
Whether we can analyse data or uncover therapeutic innovation, our team always focuses on the patient, putting them first.
A good mix of science and people skills is the secret formula to helping us improve lives. Here’s why.

Meet the talent

As you can see, our Clinical Research teams are central to MSD's mission, helping us conduct world-class trials as we find new and innovative products to help improve lives. Meet Lucas. He's the Site Relationship Manager at our Global Clinical Trial Organisation in France. He's also a talented golfer, perfecting his skills on the green in preparation for his family golf competition. Ready to take the next step? Check out our current job openings at the bottom of the page.

We asked, and here are the standout reasons people are joining and staying with our Clinical Research teams

  • Real world impact on patients
  • We are a top investor in biopharma R&D
  • Scientific freedom combined with global-scale security
  • Dedication to being the leading research-driven biopharmaceutical
  • A wide, robust pipeline of game-changing products
  • State-of-the-art labs
  • The flexibility to work from home

Inside views from people on our team

The best thing that happens in my day is happy employees, happy patients. I’m ready to inspire myself and my team to be one of the top 10 countries in the world to support global development activities.

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Betül Erdoğan
Clinical Research Director

MSD is commited to developing and engaging with people. Diversity and inclusion are very strong pillars in the company.

Mercedes Navarro
Clinical Research Associate Manager
Our global-leading investment in research, 2019
Times we've been a Prix Galien winner
Square footage, new London Discovery Research Centre

What obsesses and pushes us to get up everyday



Research plays a vital role in keeping pace with the ever-evolving disease landscape.
Our clinical research team provides a foundation from which to innovate and deliver safe and effective vaccines.


Our team of researchers and scientists brings together a
deep understanding of genomics, biology, and the immune system to advance the way we fight cancer.

Our future is looking bright

UK Discovery Centre

This state-of-the-art research laboratory unites a diverse, multidisciplinary team of exceptional scientific minds around a shared purpose: to drive medical advances against some of the most challenging diseases facing ageing populations. The Discovery Centre and interim facilities represent our investment in—and commitment to—highly principled and rigorous early bioscience research conducted in the most forward-looking ways.
UK Discovery Centre
Zurich hub

Zurich hub

We're opening a new location in Zurich focused on accelerating research, data and commercialization of our medicines and vaccines. The new office will be staffed by teams working in strategic and operational roles in Medical Affairs, Clinical Development, Access, and Marketing Operations functions. By the time the new site is completed and opens in 2021, over 250 employees will work at THE CIRCLE, Zurich Airport.

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