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Data Science &
Advanced Analytics 

Help us push data to a higher purpose—and your career to the same

As a science-based health and wellness company, our data scientists, analysts, and engineers are making a real impact on real people everywhere through cutting-edge, biopharmaceutical research. Help usher in the future of global health by joining our community of data lovers, scientists and technologist bringing their diverse talents together to accomplish amazing things.

Hear from our team

Data is key to break through to new possibilities and address some of our biggest challenges to improve lives. MSD has embarked on an ambitious transformation to bring together data science and healthcare to invent the solutions that will grow patient care.

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Argy Tzitzi
Director Data & Commercial Analytics, Mid Europe Region

Starting my career with this team, it has been an amazing experience learning from experts within the pharmaceutical industry and collaborating with teams across both geographies and divisions.

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Shriya Gupta
Assoc. Spclst, Market Research & Analytics

It’s been a great experience interacting with a bunch of meticulous individuals, who love to play with data, give it shape and generate valuable insights. We all love to solve problems using a mixture of strategic decisions, data and architecture.

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Shobhan Kumar
Sr. Spclst, Market Research & Analytics

Benefits and wellbeing

Our mission to care for global health begins at home with ourselves. Your career here is generously supported in a holistic way. You love your work, but we know it's merely the foundation of what is truly important in your life.
  • Annual leave
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Home office furniture program
  • Global hybrid working model
  • Inspire recognition program
  • Various wellness memberships
Passionate people in our Oncology Sales.& Marketing Team

Great tech and projects

Joining a true science and tech community like ours means getting your hands on cutting-edge technology as you engage in innovative data analytics projects. 

It also means embarking on a career that can do good things for yourself through continuing education and training, data science gigs, hackathons, fellowships, and certifications. 

Our Data Science awards, partnerships, and open-source contributions all combine to offer professional growth, mentoring, knowledge-sharing, networking, and more.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Our workforce is as diverse as the people we serve, but it’s only half our story. Inclusion, a sense of belonging, is just as important. When our employees know they are crucial to our work, not only will they thrive, but our company will, too. Just two data points we are proud to share are that 51% of new hires are female and 17,000 employees participate in Employee Resource Groups.

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