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While our dedicated scientists live to discover the next big breakthroughs in medicine, our digital experts are just as passionate about innovating how we understand and connect with patients’ needs. We’re at an exciting stage of our digital transformation and we’re now looking for digital professionals to take us forward. You’ll play a key role in evolving the ways we interact digitally with our patients, customers and stakeholders, driving innovation through collaboration across different company functions including Marketing, Data Engineering, Data Science, and Business Analytics.

We've found new ways to enable digital transformation

For Digital and Innovation Lead, Janine Eid Shahwan, the culture in place is perfect to help our Digital talent thrive. She actually decsribes it as a "set of behaviours that are the enabler for a digital transformation."
  • Digital is not a department, it's an integrated function here, so working connectedly is our every day
  • We're always experimenting and trying to succeed, but we fail sometimes, too, and this is okay
  • We're continuously learning, so it's fine not knowing something because we're encouraged to pick up knowledge as we go
  • Sharing the skills that we acquire is crucial for our overall development

Get the inside view from some of our digital experts

Working here has taught me that you don't need to be perfect or the best, you only need to be yourself.

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Janine Eid Shahwan
Digital and Innovation Lead, Levant

 Thinking about how you help people is perhaps one of the most rewarding things that I could ever imagine from a job.

Asbjørn Thorsteinsson
Digital Publisher

We offer an open and growing environment. We constantly explore new ways to collect data and generate insight, to see the world through the eyes of the customer and consequently, find new ways of interaction.

Elisabeth Tsechanski
Customer Experience Researcher

Our uniqueness comes from our people! I have never seen such commitment to their jobs. We truly want to make our patients lives better.

Hanna Korlelainen
Visualization Specialist & Digital Publisher

There is a lot of wisdom and experience hidden in every department and I learn something new almost every day.

Justine Mortensen
Content Marketing Manager

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