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​​​​​​​Development Program

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Our Manufacturing Leadership Development Program (MLDP) is designed to develop emerging talent for critical positions of increasing responsibility within our Manufacturing Division, the part of our company devoted to formulating, packaging, and distributing our products. 

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Develop new skills with a wide network of support

  • Participants are placed in rotations that represent key business priorities to foster their development 
  • A learning and development plan helps to supplement the rotational experience
  • A mentoring program is provided at three levels to coach each participant in career and leadership development
  • Bi-annual program meetings facilitate a tight-knit network
  • ​​​​​​​All program members receive a competitive salary and access to the full benefits programs offered by our company

Grasp the opportunity to go after something life changing

  • Potential for one-year international assignments
  • Opportunities for international travel within domestic assignments are offered as the program experience includes network sites across the globe
  • Successful candidates are new college graduates with a bachelor's or master's degree in key STEM or supply chain majors, with a focus on biopharmaceutical 
  • Participants are selected through a rigorous assessment process to evaluate academic understanding in their fields as well as demonstrated leadership  potential
  • We accept applications in the early fall

Hear from our employees who Invent for Life every day

My first year in the program has provided me with opportunities to gain experience on the shop floor while contributing to projects that align with the company’s purpose. One of the biggest benefits of the program is the chance to explore different roles over the next two years.
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Ciarán O'Sullivan
First Year MLDP
During my last year of college, I wanted to expand my horizons. The program supported my pursuit and attainment of this goal in three short years. I can attribute my foundation in strategic decision making and conscious leadership to the exposure I received as a member of this highly driven team.

Scott Grant
Third Year MLDP
The MLDP has given me a breadth of knowledge early in my career - from shop floor experience in my first year to accelerated capital project startup experience in my second year. Beyond my rotations, I've also had networking and stretch opportunities to accelerate my development.

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Hannah Kohl
Second Year MLDP
When joining the MLDP, I expected a great start to a career; what I wasn't expecting was to get all that AND a group of amazing people as a part of my cohort (from around the world!), mentors who care about your growth (both professional and personal), and a work culture that encourages change.
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Kevin Chen 
Second Year MLDP
The MLDP has allowed me to rapidly develop throughout different areas of the business. I was able to sharpen technical skills within manufacturing and a new facility startup before rotating through supply chain to develop new strengths in business acumen and strategic thinking.
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Erik Lindroth
Third Year MLDP

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Inside views from people on our team

The Manufacturing Leadership Development Program allows for the LDPs to get real-world manufacturing experience. It is incredible to watch the LDPs thrive in a highly complex, global work environment while continuing to enhance their technical and leadership skills.

Jen Hanrahan
Director, Manufacturing Leadership Development Program

The Manufacturing Leadership Development Program is an important part of our Manufacturing Division (MMD).  Members are impactful contributors to the critical business needs of MMD and are active in taking stretch assignments to grow their career.  They are an energized group of the future leaders at our company.

Ashley Suarez
Associate Director
Manufacturing Leadership Development Program

The Manufacturing Leadership Development Program participants bring strong technical and leadership skills coupled with innovative thinking to invigorate and help shape the future of our company's Manufacturing Division. As an alumna of the program, it is incredible to sponsor talent recruitment and development of this team.

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Moushmi Culver
Vice President
Head of Manufacturing Strategy and Business Development
Manufacturing Leadership Development Program Executive Sponsor

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