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Operators that make
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Making a difference across Europe and beyond

At MSD we believe the most important thing we make, is a difference. Patients are our key priority and this is what drives us to innovate and excel each and every day. We are continuing to expand our manufacturing operations across Europe, and we have a wide range of opportunities for Operators and Manager Operations to help support this growth. You’ll join an open, inclusive, collaborative team, committed to continuously innovating to improve and making a difference to patients around the world each day.
Balancing professional development with a busy home life
People are our greatest asset, so we’re committed to growing our employees to help them realise their full potential, while supporting the busy lives they lead outside work. We are committed to taking a “One MSD” approach, to help our colleagues grow and develop their careers.

Busy dad and manager, Cathal Daly, joined ten years ago and has seen his career progress in leaps and bounds. Having started as an Operator, moving forward to a Lead Technician role, and reaching his current Operations Manager position in a short period of time. Proud of his career pathway to date, Cathal feels his journey illustrates the range of pathways and career opportunities available here, the value the company places on each team member and the support and appreciation for everyone’s different circumstances and the experience they bring to their role. He is enjoying a career which he describes "makes him proud to go home at the end of the day and tell his kids what he's accomplished, helping to improve lives around the world."

Operational excellence as standard

Along with our dedication to operational excellence, there are many aspects of our culture and vision that give our work in Manufacturing Operations added purpose.
  • Constantly innovating to meet patients ever-changing needs
  • Proud to be part of a company that truly lives and breathes ‘patients first’
  • Committed to being the most trusted supplier of biopharmaceuticals globally
  • Dedicated to becoming the leading research-driven biopharmaceutical company worldwide
  • Innovative and unafraid to try bold ideas to improve our processes and manufacturing design

Inside views from people on our team

Every week can be completely different, which makes it exciting and interesting.

Annemarijn van Kesteren
Operational Coach

MSD offers great potential for development in a wide range of
​​​​​​​different departments. 

Nadine Auer
Operational Coach

As a manager, you can work with your team to show them the pathway to grow into various roles, which was the opportunity provided to me.

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Cathal Daly
Operational Coach
We manufacture, package, and distribute products to more than 140 markets around the world

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