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Curiosity, inventiveness and a passion for excellence - leading our people to discover what's possible.

We come from many backgrounds and do different things, but we all strive to deliver on the same promise: finding new ways to create a healthier future. At MSD we are inventing for life.

Our people, are our greatest asset - whether creating medicines to address the world's most urgent health challenges, developing technology-based healthcare solutions, or ensuring a steady supply of essential vaccines, they all embrace the spirit of invention... relentlessly seeking innovative, novel and intelligent ways to help ensure healthier, happier lives for patients across the UK.

Whatever your career path - whether it's pursuing research in the laboratory, working directly with our customers and stakeholders, manufacturing quality products or working in one of our central support functions like HR, finance, IT or communications - MSD offers opportunities to develop and expand your career while making a true difference in peoples' lives.​​​​​​​
"We try never to forget that medicine is for the people. It is not for the profits… We cannot rest until the way has been found with our help to bring our finest achievements to everyone.” George W. Merck 1950.

Whether we're discovering, developing, designing, marketing or supporting, our work is ultimately aimed towards preserving and improving human life.
"At MSD we believe there is a strength in differences." - Kenneth C. Frazier, Chairman and CEO, MSD.

We have a long-standing commitment not only to creating an organisation that is more diverse, but to simultaneously creating a culture that is inclusive and socially responsible. By mentoring and developing colleagues and partnering in recruiting and retention strategies, we ensure that we develop a diverse and capable workforce, contributing to making us a more innovative and agile company - and better attuned to the needs of our customers, healthcare providers and patients who ultimately use our products. We support external partnerships in both professional and academic settings to ensure a diverse mix of capable talent.
ETHICS AND INTEGRITY We aspire to be open and transparent about how we operate in order to earn and retain the trust and confidence of our stakeholders. The foundation of our strategy is our unwavering commitment to our values of ethics and integrity. It takes more than having the right mechanisms, standards and training in place to ensure an open, ethical business environment. We work hard to make sure we live up to our own high standards every day.
CULTURE At MSD we are "Inventing for Life”. This is built through the incredible people we employ, the valued partners we embrace, and ultimately the patients whose lives we positively impact by helping to make them healthier and happier. Our success is built upon our highly motivated and passionate people and our culture and direction as a company is fully supported by our leaders. At MSD, we have two goals: we are not only focused on business performance, but also on employee satisfaction, which to us means that every employee has the ability to contribute to their full potential. Our focus is on developing individual competencies and building a productive work environment. MSD has been accredited Top Employers United Kingdom 2018 Certification, and is delighted to be officially recognised as a leading employer.
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Career development is integral to who we are, and our people are continually learning. We provide the environment to help our employees shape their careers and reach their fullest potential. We put you in charge of your career at MSD by making professional development an employee-owned process, fully supported by our leaders, mentors and coaches. Development opportunities could include on-the-job options, such as stretch assignments, career progression assignments, mentoring, shadowing, rotations and leadership programmes. We also offer extensive, globally accessible training and development resources.
WORK/LIFE BALANCE Everyone has commitments outside of work and we understand that these are important. That's why we have a number of policies in place, both locally and globally, to help support flexible work arrangements that can allow our people to strike a greater balance between work life and home life.

Our employees are the key to our company's success. We demonstrate our commitment to our employees by offering a competitive and valuable rewards programme.

MSD offers its employees a core benefits package as well as the opportunity to tailor their own package, through our Flexible Benefits Plan.
Full details on how the Flexible Benefits Plan works are provided to successful candidates on starting with the Company.
These are some of the flexible benefits we have on offer*


Life Assurance (employee)
Life Assurance (partner)
Critical Illness Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance
Personal Travel Insurance


Medical Insurance
Private Medical Insurance​​​​​​​
Dental Insurance
Dental Insurance
Health Screening
Health Screening (employee and/or partner)


Childcare Voucher
Childcare Vouchers
Retail Voucher
Retail Vouchers
Holiday Buy and Sell
Holiday Buy and Sell
Cycle to Work
Cycle to Work Scheme
Charitable Giving
Charitable Giving
*All of these benefits are subject to certain restrictions and certain benefits are subject to a maximum and minimum level of cover.

We come from many backgrounds and do different things, but we all strive to deliver on the same promise: finding new ways to create a healthier future.

This is the common goal that unites and guides us at MSD. Uncompromising dedication to the people, who depend on our products, is a passion we all share.

At MSD, you'll find rewarding opportunities, diverse experiences and an unwavering commitment to ethics and integrity. As part of our team, you'll collaborate with talented and dedicated colleagues, whose sense of purpose complements your own.


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