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Animal Health Intelligence Technology Labs is part of MSD, a global healthcare company with a 130-year history of working to make a difference. With more than 71,000 employees in 140 countries, MSD aspires to improve the health and wellness of people and animals worldwide, and to expand access to our medicines and vaccines. 
Udi, CEO of Tech Labs, diving with turtles

“To work with people who share the commitment to science and technological innovation is the key to our success. It is a unique experience to be a leader in the best biopharma and animal intelligence company in the world.”

Udi Cohen
Head of Global R&D Technology Labs
Turtle Diver

Innovating for the future

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Share your passion for animals and technology with our team of professionals

Idit Porat

Idit Porat

Product Manager
Eli Kamhine

Eli Kamhine

AVP, Head of Discovery & Strategy
Ram Schvartz

Ram Schvartz

System Team Lead
Tali Paz-Sabag

Tali Paz-Sabag

Software Team Lead
Danny Gamer and Roy Raz

Danny Gamer and Roy Raz

Software Engineer and Mobile Team Lead

Innovate with us

Animal Health Intelligence Technology Labs transforms ideas into technology, and technology into game-changing solutions. Throughout our regional innovation centres, we develop cutting-edge, end-to-end platforms and applications that help our customers enhance animal management and health outcomes through data and insights. We’ve been innovating for more than 60 years and today are taking care of customer needs in over 100 countries.

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Our global work is reflected in our global locations, each focusing expertise in distinct areas, together providing a global approach to innovation

Map of Animal Health Intelligence Tech Labs locations around the world
Netanya, Israel and Nebraska, US
Specializes in advanced multi-disciplinary monitoring solutions across different species
Vitre & Albi, France and
Barsinghausen, Germany
Specializes in identification, tissue sampling, and RFID reading technologies for livestock
Cambridge, UK
Specializes in solutions that enable longer, healthier, and fuller lives for pets and their owners
Boise, US and Kópavogur, Iceland
Specializes in electronic technology for aquaculture and wildlife

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