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Joining MSD can be the start of a successful career. ​​​​​​​We offer space for professional development. Our goal is to fill leadership positions from within our own ranks. Every employee, together with the supervisor, works on a personal development plan in order to be able to use and develop skills and abilities optimally for themselves and the company. 
External Sales
External sales
The sales force at MSD is the lifeblood that connects our company to the marketplace.

For field work, a successful completion of the final exam or general medical, veterinary or pharmaceutical studies is required.

Our pharmaceutical representatives are also characterized by their high level of social competence and communication skills.
HH - Marketing
In pharmaceutical marketing, experience in pharmaceutical distribution is very important.

Therefore, employees who have already worked successfully in the field bring ideal conditions for this work area. In this capacity you support our sales force by implementing global product strategies in the local market.
Regulatory Affairs
Medical, Clinical Research & Regulatory
The Medical and Clinical Research divisions require responsible handling of data from the clinical studies, as well as the ability to communicate these appropriately and correctly to the respective target group.

Medicinal product approval and safety as well as medical-scientific quality assurance are further key tasks of our colleagues.
Support Functions These functions span departments as diverse as Procurement, Finance, IT, External Affairs, Marketing & Sales Services, Customer Services and Human Resources.

With their great commitment, they ensure that our goals in all areas of the company are met in the highest quality.

With reliability, professionalism and team spirit they support the entire organization with their activities.

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