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Innovating for Patients
Our Approach
"We try to remember that medicine is for the patient... We cannot rest till the way has been found, with our help, to bring our finest achievement to everyone."
George W. Merck, 1950.

In the areas of discovering, manufacturing, sharing and support, we always aim to protect and improve lives.
Diversity & Inclusion
We are committed to creating an organisation that in the long-term is not only more diverse but also has a culture in place that is based on the inclusion of specific groups and individuals. As a result, we are better in understanding the needs of our customers, healthcare services and patients who benefit from our therapies. 
Professional Development
We encourage our Employees to improve their expertise and get insights into new areas.  We offer numerous trainings and development schemes in order to emphasize the importance of developing both soft and industry-related knowledge.
Ethical Rules
We want to act in an open and transparent manner. We want our stakeholders to trust us. We implement adequate mechanisms, standards and relevant training in order to foster an open and ethical business environment. Every day, we go the extra mile to maintain our strictest internal standards.
‘Inventing for life’ is our credo. We put it into action with our talented employees, key partners and through our patients whose life we can make healthier and happier.

We aim to create an open & diverse environment  fully engaging the potential of our employees and their  wellbeing.

slide 5 of 5 Culture ‘Inventing for life’ is our credo. We put it into action with our talented employees, key partners and through our patients whose life we can make healthier and happier. We aim to create an open & diverse environment  fully engaging the potential of our employees and their  wellbeing.
Experienced Professionals

Regardless of your previous career path and the sector you are working in currently, check out the opportunities we offer and join the MSD or Intervet (Animal Health) team.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Why Choose MSD?
Work takes up a significant part of my life and it is important for me to find joy and satisfaction in it.
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Dawid Majcherek
Market Access

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Why Choose MSD?
Constant contact with a young, dynamic and international team brings a new challenge every day, and working with such a team facilitates individual development and a rapid career path.
Anna Pękal
DMC, Global Data Operations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Why Choose MSD?
I wake up every day with confidence that I am part of a great and important initiative that is delivering innovative therapeutic solutions.
Olga Panek-Białkowska
DMC, Global  Pharmacovigilance Case Management

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Why Choose MSD?
Cooperation with excellent specialists gives me huge satisfaction and makes me very proud to be part of the success of a company that aims to help people by developing innovative therapies.
Tomasz Kolebski
Global Clinical Trials Operations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Why Choose MSD?
I am proud of my work and the opportunity to help many patients around the world.
Katarzyna Szczerba
HIV/HCV Access Program
Students & Graduates
Our internship programs offer a several-month-long unique experience, during which you will be responsible for implementing independent projects arising from the company’s actual needs.

Your work results will impact our performance and may become the first step towards your career at MSD.
  • Implement business projects on your own
  • Get practical knowledge
  • Work with clinical data
  • Develop your skills, working in an international company
Internship Program Opportunities
Data Management Center, Global  Pharmacovigilance Case Management
You will learn about the theoretical and practical aspects of conducting clinical trials in terms of verification and validation of data generated in accordance with Good Clinical Practice. We offer an extensive induction training program (theoretical and practical training supervised by a mentor) and active participation in the process of entering and validating data from global clinical trials.
Data Management Center, Global Data Operations
We will teach you about the principles of analysing and managing adverse event reports. We provide an extended induction training, which includes the rules for database management and Pharmacovigilance guidelines, including Good Pharmacovigilance Practice.  Under the supervision of an experienced mentor, you will work with a global database of reports from both clinical trials and trials of already marketed products.
Global Clinicial Trials Operations
Join us on on the 6-month challenge with proper training and exposure to clinical trials in the area of monitoring, regulations and financial aspects. You will be responsible for implementing specific tasks that support Clinical Trial Monitors on site, Clinical Trial Registration Department or Finance Department, which administers trials in terms of finance. 
Development Training for Employees
If you want to experience company’s values in practice, as an MSD employee you can apply to the MSD Fellowship Program. It is a three-month program that offers work in non-profit organisations worldwide and supports our mission: to help people worldwide

In our region, we also have a year-long  program to support development in marketing and commercial areas, enabling you to acquire new skills, conduct regional projects, network with colleagues from other countries, and providing with an opportunity to become managers in these areas in the future.

A range of training courses in communication, leadership skills and time management are available on the corporate educational platform or conducted by third party trainers and experts.

Starter Training
We offer induction trainings in:

Data Management Center, Global  Pharmacovigilance Case Management
You will find yourself to be be supported by trainers and mentors and as the new recruit you will  learn to analyse and interpret adverse event reports and the rules for recording them in the database, including evaluating report severity, using the MedDRA glossary and writing narratives. More experienced specialists are provided with an opportunity to get more advanced training in modules such as medical literature, advanced Pharmacovigilance processes and accessing the EudraVigilance database. All this is performed in an international setting, in close cooperation with equivalent departments in China, Columbia and Costa Rica.

Data Management Center, Global Data Operations
You will spend first three months with qualified trainers, mentor support and access to a comprehensive online training platform.  This time is intended for you to be used for learning about data management from clinical trials, Good Clinical Practice principles and the databases, systems and tools available.  

For more experienced individuals the programs include training in specific therapeutic areas, writing and  following (SOP) procedures and access to the SCDM platform (Society for Clinical Data Management). 

For the most experienced employees, we provide a global certification program and knowledge development initiatives through participation in international conferences and meetings with specialists from our Clinical Trial Data Management Centres (the Americas, Asia).
Our Offices
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