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Careers at MSD
​​​​​​​Czech Republic

As a leader in biopharmaceuticals, we focus on scientific innovation to deliver medicines and vaccines that may help millions of people around the world.

Our company by the numbers in the Czech Republic

MSD, a leading global biopharmaceutical company, has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1992 
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We are one company, but we operate under two different corporate brand names. We are known as Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, NJ, USA in the United States, Canada & Puerto Rico. We are known as MSD everywhere else.

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Giving back never felt so good

Our patients are our priority. We focus on discovering new treatment options that bring rescue or improvement to the quality of life of patients. Business activity is not the only area of our activities in the Czech Republic. We are a socially responsible company globally and locally.

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Learn more about our student & graduate opportunitiesWe seek to discover and champion the latest, most promising advancements against the world’s greatest health challenges. To accomplish this, we are willing to invest in solutions that take us in directions we’ve never explored before. Because we’re on a relentless quest for cures, and we will be known differently in our industry because of it.

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A career with purpose

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Scientists. Engineers. Dealmakers. Problem solvers. These are the people who, for more than 130 years, have made our company a constant disruptor in the healthcare space; at the vanguard of innovation. ​​​​​

Join us in the quest to save and improve the lives of people and animals around the world.

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Inside views from people on our team

We build a strong brand and tell a story which proves that this is a good place to work. Here, software engineers meet biochemists, graduated philosophers with specialists on business economics, veterinary specialists with digital marketing experts. We believe in inspiration that diversified teams bring.

Ivana Javorkova
Sr. Spclst , UX/UI Design

I find our team to be a very dynamic! It allows you to be in continuous collaboration with the business, furthering both your own experience and knowledge, providing the highest level of service, while knowing that your work is helping save and improve lives.

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Svetozar Brankov

Sr. Spclst, Program/Project Management
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Our culture, your future!

Whether it’s helping invent the next breakthrough treatment or simply challenging and supporting one another for mutual betterment, our culture is about applied curiosity. We are dedicated to our team members’ growth and development and empower each of them to reach their full potential regardless of function, geography or experience level.
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Our Offices

Since the beginning, our offices were intended as a space that would allow very easy cooperation for their teams - a space that is flexible and changes according to the changing expectations of the people, support them in their needs, and provide them with an above-standard workspace comfort. A space that would not be a hindrance to the implementation of future changes which are not even conceived yet at this point of time.
Czech office

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